4 St Marys Terace, Irishtown +40k, +67%

Thu Feb 19 16:54:37 2009

* Price changed: from 'Region €360,000' to 'Region €600,000'  [Found by juna] 

Tue Feb 17 16:10:57 2009

* Initial entry found.  [Found by nocuilinn] 

Surely some mistake?

It had been listed for 600k on Daft, but when it was put on myhome it was asking 360. I rang about it and they said the wrong price had been put on the ad.

Drove around the area and saw the house. Not worth anythin near even 360. Mental price at 600.

I remember spotting this one when it went up first. I thought the penny must be dropping with sellers.
Given the immediate surrounding area, 360k looks more sensible.

600k ! :open_mouth:

Christ 360k is expensive … whatever it is they’re smoking down in Irishtown I want some ! 8)

Down to 550k now.
It might eventually hit the 360k.

try to provide links in the future lads:
myhome.ie/residential/search … TWAF353379

now €290k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-4/108053