4 Upper Mount Pleasant Terrace, Ranelagh

4 Upper Mount Pleasant Terrace, Ranelagh
Old price (530k)
www3.myhome.ie/search/property.a … earchlist=

Yesterday it failed to sell at auction for 480k. now on the market for 480k
unison.ie/irish_independent/stor … e_id=15257
(scroll down to the end)

Ok the house is still a kip, but a big drop nonetheless. This house is a long way from the trophy houses that are failing to sell since last summer.

You say it’s a kip MT, and for sure it looks to be in a bit of a state, but at the same time it actually looks like it could be a lovely wee house and is also in a very good/desirebale Dublin 6 area.

I’m actually a bit surprised it’s “only” 480k TBH. (Although in fairness, I suppose there’s probably 50k+ work to do on it.)

And no matter how much work you do on it it doesn’t have a garden which is significant negative on value (and means that you’ve not option to extend it beyond the small 650sqft size that it is)… also I think that little street is across the road from the (small) corpo flat complex that’s in Ranelagh - that would have a negative impact on it’s value also - it’s not quite on a tree lined D4/6 avenue

While a house for sub-500k in Ranelagh certainly looks like a bargain (and in fairness probalbly is by recent standards) the property does have significant issues and there’s good reason why it’s cheap

6 months later … 440k:


-90k (~16.9%)

Just looked at the photos … can’t believe anyone expects 440 for that. If it had 4 beds and was in that condition maybe!!

It’s been done up and is now for sale at 650k! If they can find a buyer at that price then that’s a tidy profit I’m sure, unless it cost 200k to renovate?!?


Looks nicely done up.

Now 599k (51k drop from 650k).

myhome.ie/residential/search … PAIT362561

Now to let, asking €1695pm:

rent.ie/houses-to-let/4-Uppe … -6/724367/

Still on MyHome for sale at €560,000.

Quite a rollercoaster ride for this place in the last 2+ years. IMO this is a very desirable location and the house itself is very sweet.

Now for rent asking €1450, unfurnished.

rent.ie/houses-to-let/4-Uppe … -6/905107/

The For Sale links above don’t seem to be working.

Still for sale at €560k here

yielding 3% gross. not cool. perhaps we’re hoping for capital appreciation.

There is something cute about the proportions.
Only worth 250K for a 7% yield and that’s assuming that rents hold steady.

It’s not on myhome.ie so maybe it’s not really for sale.