40% employed in farming or construction in Regions

Dr. Ronnie O’Toole has a piece on page 13 of the Business supplement of todays Independent in which he says,

"Two out of five men outside of the Dublin commuter belt work either on construction sites or farms. In many counties, this figure is likely to be substantially higher. These industries will haemmorhage around 50,000 jobs in the years to come.

The live register figures released earlier this month show that this has already begun. The number of males signing on in the midlands has jumped 21% in the last 12 months, while the figure is 15% in the West."

I dont have access to a link. The article basically bemoans the lack of any alternative to construction in the regions, following that industry having sucked most of the younger generation of farmers away from farming. He basically says that effected regions are in for a world of pain unless radical alternatives are found quick.

Here’s a link

independent.ie/business/iris … 09081.html

And here is a large source of Ireland’s economic problems. Trying to engineer outcomes. My estimations of M. O’toole as an economist are slipping already.

He is positing a solution to a problem that is real. If you never discuss these problems you will never find a solution to them.

This is unlike other so called economists who see no problem at all anywhere , step up Comical and Desperate . .

There is nothing wrong with engineering outcomes as long as you employ an engineer or are an engineer yourself :wink:

Continually using local councillors, politicians, VI lobby groups, economists to engineer stuff is in the long term always destined to failure :unamused:

Indeed. Engineers should stick to bridges and economists should be telling the pollies “leave it alone”.

The Midlands have the one and only “Country Tom” Parlon to lobby for their intereshts .

Gwan there Tom YA BHHOOOY YA !!!

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