40 Mapas Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin (-180k, -26.7%)



40 Mapas Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin

Was 675k

property.ie/property-for-sal … in/429798/

This link no longer works but this is the yahoo summary:

Now 550k

myhome.ie/residential/search … TIAC329161

4 bed semi, no sq footage mentioned


Two years on, 95k further drop down to…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1474402
Approx 1200 sq ft, €412/sq foot


Correction - price drop of €55k, from €550k to current price of €495k, in two years, not exactly reflecting current price trends, thats a 10% drop in almost 2 years, we have seen alot more than a 10% drop in this area in 2 years. Also a house across the road in similar poor state and also a 4 bed semi sold for early 500’s 2 years ago and this had a south facing rear garden and a slighly bigger garden than the north facing one here that is only about 30 ft long!


Now 425k or c.355 p.s.f.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1474402


Google Maps on myhome seems to be trying to put it beside Knocklyon ! :smiley:


Interesting. My parents bought on this street circa 1983/84 for, I think, 47 thousand punts. IIRC, the prices rose very sharply in the following years.

Can anyone do the inflation adjusted maths?






Super location. Really let down by the small garden with a terrible aspect.
There’s be nothing left if you extended into it.

Though to be fair, there’s a huge green area around the corner.


Could you not knock the garage and put in a two storey side extension?


I remember when this property was quoting 800k! hard to imagine now, think it was early 2008. House is not ideal, north facing tiny garden on a 1960s semi than has no proper living space, all gone if you extend and you will never see a ray of sun in the garden! not extactly a steal at even the late 300s! or am I wrong? think if someone wants to get into the area this will be their opportunity, wonder what it will go for?


You could absolutely and get yourself a extra bedroom and some downstairs space. But I’d have the thought extensions are mostly done with a view to getting a bright family space with natural light - and the back of that house is always going to be bereft of natural light.

It’s just a con in a house that does have some pros, to be fair. The obvious one being the location! :smiley:


New listing at 590k
daft.ie/sales/40-mapas-road- … n/1003271/


Now 560
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2990793


Sold for 620k 8DD
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-151836/


Back on the market, asking 895k


They should call it “The White House”


Dropped to e850k and now for sale with a different estate agent. Still a crazy price for a 1600 sq ft semi-D with a tiny north facing rear garden! You’d also expect to get a better energy rating than B3 for a new renovation these days and particularly at that price!


So - Gods of the Propery Pin - is this a price drop or a cunning ploy to create a frenzy of bidding and hit the €1m mark?!


It’s an asking price drop.
This will not make €1m.
7 Mapas Road recently sold for 700k. Much larger site with planning permission to extend to side and rear. #7 might be a €900k+ house when extension and refurb complete. #40 is not.