40 Milltown Ave, Mount St Anne's (-835k, -58.5%)


From memory 7 Convent Hall did not have a parking space but I am not 100% sure of this. Number 6 Convent Hall (65m2 I think also in the ‘older’ part of the block) went Sale Agreed in October 2013 I think but still not on the register.


I used to own in there (got out in late 2006) so was aware of difference in sizes and kept track of them. I saw 11 Merton asking €165k but assumed it would go for more. Kicking myself now also.
All sizes seem to have gone from low €3k per m2 to €4…5k-€5k/m2 now


Both of these now Sale Agreed:
8 The Court Yard, Mount Saint Annes
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2792767

27 Mount Saint Annes, Milltown
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2778102


16 Merton Crescent sold for €1.215M



6 Merton Crescent, Mount Saint Anne’s on the market asking 975k (reduced from 1.075m). Anyone care to guess what this will fetch in today’s market ?


Whilst the interior of this property is relatively bland but clean - I find the exterior looks like a student residence - wouldn’t look out of place on campus in Belfield.

Personally I think this needs to come down at least 10%. For a million euros you can buy a far more distinguished house. This property has aged and will only age more over time.


Eventually should go down to 550-600K


Currently has bid of 950k.
Hard to see it ever going below 600k…


Surely they would be accepting a bid within 3% of asking I would have thought.


Price was already reduced from 1.075m. Apparently was sale agreed close to original asking pre-covid