40 Nutgrove Park, Clonskeagh Good buy?

Hi what is your opinion on this property 40 Nutgrove Park myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2751654

It is certainly not big, two decent bedrooms two singles. 90ft West facing garden it has the opportunity to develop as kitchen needs work and no downstairs toilet and no en suite. But with an offer on at 670 is this property worth it jumped 20k in two days due to foot fall I suspect. The area is great and the lack of supply is making this more expensive but if other houses were on sale in this area would it be this high.

Thoughts on house?
Thoughts on price?

Consider offer or wait?


I understand that bidding on this is now at €685,000 - was told that it started at €650,000 when we viewed it last week.

Good solid house, nice location (apart from being at junction of two roads) and the garden is a definite plus - needs work to bring it up to modern standards though (only 1 very dated bathroom, kitchen etc.)

Seems like a prime example of limited supply driving demand to me, but I guess this area is always popular. Depends on your view on how “bubbly” things are to decide if it’s worth an offer at this level - we decided not, despite the good points.

It’s heading for €7,000 per square metre.

For a house needing work.

One for the “madness” thread if you ask me.

Number 22 Nutgrove Park went for 403!!!

propertypriceregister.ie/we … enDocument

This is going to end in tears, but with mortgage write downs who cares, let the “good times roll” aaaaaaa XD

40 Nutgrove Park sold for 694k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-110469/

It was asking 675k
collapso.net/Sale-Property/m … id=2751654