40 Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6 (-50k -9%)

Was 550k now down to 500k
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myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1774494

Open viewing this Feb 24th 1pm!

Would any of our landlords care to comment on whether the following claim in the ad might be accurate?

Let’s generously say €450 each for the bedsits and €700 for the one beds which would bring it up to 41k PA. But then, it’s only 66% occupied as they admit themselves in the ad; if it’s as ‘easy’ as they claim then why aren’t they already let? This might be worth a spin at €300-350k as a fixer-upper provided there aren’t any big structural problems.


  • 3 x one beds
  • 3 x studios

and all but 2 let, might be worth asking how much the others are currently bringing in and which are left idle?!

i’m calling money pit on this one.
pic 2 has a home made draught excluder on the window.
looks like damp on wall in pic 4.

This a probably pre-63 being dumped in advance of new regulations.

The PRTB lists one bedroom tenancies in this house:

Apartment 2 40 Rathgar Road
Apt No 4 40 Rathgar Road
Apt No 5 40 Rathgar Road

You can make as low an offer as you want on this one. The owner has limited choices. The options are to convert it back to a family home or to upgrade the apartments.

However, it is at the Rathgar rather than the Rathmines end of the Rathgar road.

Sale Agreed:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1774494

sold for 550K as per reg

A good result for AIB so; the Apr price agreed was barely EUR500k and that sale fell through for reasons that the ultimate purchaser must not have thought important…

Are you sure about the 500k price tag in April

If so that’s a 10% price in a few months.

Diff would be about 8.3% but it’s not a price increase rather it must have been a purcaser who didn’t appear earlier. i’m as sure as it’s possible to be… :angry: