40 Tivoli Terrace East Dun Laoghaire


Hi folks,

What do people think of Dun Laoghaire as a place to live?

I think that this is a lovely house, but hubby is not a fan of Dun Laoghaire.

I’ve found that even though our budget has gone up, supply seems to have gone down in the areas we are most keen on (Goatstown, Clonskeagh and areas close enough to there). Also seems to be very few with non-North or East facing gardens. I’m happy to go North facing if it is no shaded and is big enough to get sun but my favourite would be West facing.

What are people’s thoughts of this area? Or even if they think that waiting for more supply in the traditionally more busy times is a good idea at this stage of the year.



Lovely House.

Supply is usually tight this time of year which has been exacerbated by Lockdown.

It’s a hell of alot of money to shell out for half of a couple to not like the area.

I think most people have been taken by surprise by the strength of the housing markets in various European countries this year. Ireland has been the exception however and if I was forced to take a position on the Irish housing market I’d say the risk was on the downside.

So if supply is artificially tight, the area isn’t right and the risk to prices is on the downside I wouldn’t see a reason not to wait until spring / summer next year.

You are implying that the housing market in Ireland has been weak in 2020?


Watch out Colonel - they’ll set the dogs on you!

I’m equally interested in peoples views on Dun Laoghaire - I’ve heard very mixed views - which is a nice way saying that I’ve heard it’s gone to the dogs and is quite rough in parts…

One of the nicest restaurant locations (old forty foot) is a Weatherspoons Pub now. If that isn’t going to the dogs then I don’t know what is…

Thanks guys. I reckon we’ll hold hard for the moment. Although I am at the stage where I just really want us to get into our own place and never move again!!

Very interested in people’s views. I’ve been watching the ppr with a lot of interest and am seeing some places at the higher end going for less than asking. However, I will caveat that by saying that I think asking prices are punchy in a lot of cases.

It would be interesting to know the percentage differences you are seeing these higher end places going for compared with asking. I have a friend who would be in that market as well and she indicated that supply in those areas was very poor. I thought that would have enabled prices to remain firm enough.

I’ve just taken a look as I tend to just jot it down when I see it. And I have to admit that it is what I’m looking for, so there may be a bit of finding what I want to find. I imagine lots of people will have examples to the contrary…

Looking at the recent PPR I’m seeing:
42 Sorrento Road Dalkey: asking 1,250k, sold for 1,141k
97 Avoca Park: asking 1,05k originally dropped to 995k (I think based on the pin), sold for 980k
33 Waterloo Lane Ballsbridge: asking 1,000k, sold for 945k
17 Nutley Road: asking 1,425k and sold for 1,350k
24 Eaton Square: asking 1,250k, sold for 1,120k
9 Anglesea Ave Blackrock: asking 1,050k, sold for 1,010k
106 Roebuck Road (which I went to see but did not bid on) asking 850k (I forget what it was reduced from), sold 810k

My research isn’t research per se - I have skin in the game as actively looking, so am not objective. I tend to jot down the ones that went for less - and ignore the others!

No that is interesting in itself. There are probably examples of places in that bracket which went for above AP but your analysis shows that some of the original AP’s were not attainable. I know that kicks off another debate whether the original AP was ever in the right ballpark but I don’t what to go there :slight_smile:

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Watch out Emur - you get hammered on here for saying prices are falling…

It’s hard to know what they’ll do. With tight supply and houses requiring serious work (and money) within that supply, I think that any house fairly priced, not in bits and with nice outside (and inside) space will be snapped up.

Although I would agree that there is more downside risk in prices, I have no idea if that will happen soon or not. Or at least soon enough for me!

better to have you tell us whats going to happen rather than people looking at the actual information available right?

Dun Laoghaire is a nice place to live, you are proximate to glasthule, the pier and the sunday market are two of the biggest attractions on the southside. It has its rougher parts and personally id prefer to be in dalkey/ killiney / sandycove etc and travel in but its all relative and the same house will cost you 20% more in those areas.

have you looked at enderley in dalkey i think there is still one 4 bed left at a little over a million.

Emur’s list of piles selling below asking price is in line with my posts…

A decrease in asking prices isn’t evidence of decreasing prices

Look at the CSO reports

Thanks. I’m not a fan of the style of those houses. Just a preference thing but I like older houses in the main.

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Dun Laoghaire is a nice place to live. There are parts of it to avoid, but also some lovely areas. Being close to the two piers and Peoples Park is great.
As per previous posts, I would prefer to be either side of it (so Blackrock/Monkstown, or Glasthule/Sandycove), but generally this comes at a premium all things being equal.

Re: asking versus sales prices, it really depends on whether or not the original asking price was close to market price. For example, this was asking 785k, and has gone sale agreed for 880k I understand:


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