40 Waterloo Road, Ballsbridge (-150k, -16.6%)

Was auctioned in 2000, no price given
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 77237.html

Was 900k

Now 750k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1755475

“currently laid out in 8 residential units”

20 euros per square mentre per month. Double what you’d pay in most good German cities. Something wrong there, and with pressure on RS and plenty of empty apartments still around the city I can only imagine that rental yield dropping.

Well placed for a return to a single home if someone has deep enough pockets to do the refurb.

What could work for this is to split it into two family homes, if planning cold be got for such a thing.

Sale agreed

Excellent location.
Wouldn’t surprise me if it is converted back into a PPR.

If you bought it for €700k and put a further €300k into it, you’d be left with a house that would be worth every penny of the €1m.

IMO a large 2500sqft+ house fully refurbed in top D4/D6 location should cost no more than 1m euro.

However, relying on this benchmark is keeping me homeless.

I think you are looking at a lot more than 300k to refurb :frowning:

Probably closer to €500k plus fees and vat.

Georgian refurbs are expensive if done correctly.

But this is Ireland

did you have a good holiday Landlord? Did you miss the Pin!!!


Not that anyone listens here, but as I have constantly pointed out rental comparisons with German cities are meaningless unless you have some way of adjusting for rent control.

Waterloo Road is an odd mix of flatland, offices and residential. Lovely area but not sure if I’d describe it as one of the best roads in the city, as described in the ad.

Can you explain why you would adjust for rent control? The comparison is just “how much would it cost me to rent an equivalent property in X”. What government policies lead to the difference is a different discussion surely?