€400,000 EU payout for McCreevy -EU Gravy Train

here’s a link for that, independent.ie/national-news … 68270.html

Is this all part of an experiment to recreate the conditions that led to the French revolution?

Hopefully :nin

Plus his EU pension of €50k makes about €175k pa for life.

Will that be enough swill from the taxpayer trough for Charlie?

Maybe Fianna Fail will give him some other cushy taxpayer funded sinecure to tide him over.

Irish citizens needs a similar payout to enter non-tiger life.

What size of a private pension fund would you need to buy a €175k pa index linked for life annuity at age 65?

At an annuity rate of 4% or so about €4,375,000 of a fund give or take, but that would only be guaranteed for 5 years or up to 10 years max. If the markets take a dive after those periods have elapsed then all bets are off.
Unfortunately in his case the Irish taxpayer will be funding part of his so we take the hit an Charlie stammers his way from the racecourse to the pub spending it. :unamused:

As an addition to this the above number is not indexed linked, the retiree would be better taking a level pension in retirement as the way pensions are set up at the minute taking the increasing option you would have to reach age 84 years before the increasing pension pays out as much as the level in payment pension. So dont get caught in that trap boys and girls, do your homework before making a decision on what your options are at retirement.

Not bad for 22 years public service.

That’s an average €200k a year into his pension fund.

Jayz those politicians are fierce hard done by altogether.