41 Alma Road, Monkstown (-200k, - 10.3%)

Was €1.95m, now €1.75m:


€454 per square foot.

is this the most ridiculous bathroom in Dublin?

two sinks, so your significant other can brush her teeth while you use the bidet, WTF?!

Not to mention nowhere to hang your towel when you’re in the bath - and a mirror set into an alcove to make any kind up close-up work like shaving a pain.

Also, in the kitchen, does anyone thing locating the hob on the ‘island’ a bit impractical, or even a hazard?

I’d live with these discrepancies though. :wink:

Maybe they had a butler to hold the bath towel. And who cares if the cook gets burned; you can just hire another one.

Never mind the functionality, think of the COST. Lovely, lovely money was spent here, and the fact that it was spent BADLY is so much the better - it just shows how much they had!

any update on this property? has anyone viewed it? thx

Maybe I have stayed in too many nice hotels with the better half, but 2 sinks is a must - just not these two which have poor functionality (shelving etc).

Once again pad, check out my comment here:

No point looking at anything that’s priced so far above a realistic asking price - just a waste of time. Their loss when buyers like me have the kind of money they would realistically be getting; prices today may be low, but they are the high point of the next 5-7 years at least. When will they learn that you have to get people in the door to sell the house? Did any of them read the SBP article here?

I stayed in one particular fancy chain which had 2 sinks however it also had a door to a toilet ‘cubicle’ off the bathroom itself and I remember thinking made a lot of sense. It took up no extra space but greatly increased the ‘utility’ of the aforementioned sinks by reducing awkward stinks :blush:
This place is huge yet poorly laid out

viewed this property recently. The owner lives in Sydney, the property has been rented for a few years apparently and the tenants are trashing it.Rumour has it that the tenants are trying to buy it themselves and doing their upmost to discourage any potential buyers. Whatever about the general layout of this house, it was been renovated to a high spec. The current tenant works from home, he has a dog and 2 young kids and I assume a wife. They house is really dirty but its all cosmetic. I dont like the view from the back of the house…front is Ok and NW facing garden.

Sale Agreed

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/1279657

Just goes to show that there is substance behind all the talk here on the propertypin about the lack of decent houses on the market in SCD - someone was obviously prepared to stretch themselves in order to get this. Part of me envies the buyer because they are getting a gem of a house and if they can well afford it, good for them. I hope to follow in their footsteps. I know the bottom-scrapers will whinge about how silly people are to buy before we hit the floor, but show me the decent houses at low-low prices, people. Show them to me.

Roll on the price database, we’ll know what it sold for.

yes, I agree with you and likewise show me a decent house at a low price

Agreed - and forget the price p/sq ft !

I tend to agree. There’s a difference with these sort of houses, the floor doesn’t matter all that much as these are homes for life not for capital appreciation or for using to trade up at some point. There aren’t many good houses coming on to the market in SCD and if the buyer of this house decided that it was worth an extra few hundred Euro a month for a family home then good luck to them. I’m struggling to see how it went for anything close to the asking though.

Judging from your previous posts I’m just beginning to poke around the same sort of houses as you. Very early stages but I’m interested to see you describe this one as a gem of a house. I didn’t view it at all but I would have thought that the renovated Longford Terrace one looked more appealing, at least from the outside.

I like 7 Longford Terrace too, but don’t believe that the EA / vendor are realistic about the price, which often leaves me wondering whether they are serious about selling or just getting their arm twisted by the bank.

I’m putting two sinks in the main bathroom of the house I’m renovating so that the two little girls, when they are two stroppy teenagers, can wash hands, brush teeth and apply make up simultaneously with (hopefully) few arguments.

The children are also the reason I’m avoiding a hob (or sink) in the island.

Sold sign up on this now - anybody have any idea what it went for in the end?

I have been told by another EA that although the EA is a relatively new firm they are very experienced and have a reputation for patience (not dropping prices but waiting for the right buyer) and eventually getting close to the asking price. This house was on the market for quite a long time with only a 10% drop in the asking price, so my guess is that they attained something of the order of 80-90% of that last asking price. Can’t offer you any more than that.