41 Bath Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4(-865k, -64%)

Mar 15th

Apr 18th

1.1m now

Back to 1.25m
propertynews.com/brochure.ph … =PNC174080

Now 850k (37% drop!)
myhome.ie/residential/search … RTCB348978

Another chunky drop to… 485k
€312/sq foot

The ‘family room’ would be ideal if you and the family fancied an impromtu game of Human Chess.

The overall ambience of the house is akin to that of a GP’s waiting room.

Readers Digest from 1989 anyone? Grim.

You would also have Lansdowne Rd stadium in your backyard…

The chaps in Savills always seem to post far too high AMV’s …

Sign outside now claims Sale Agreed

…but Daft has it as For Sale. Interesting…

I feel for whoever likely paid over 400K for this. If they would only sit & wait for another two years they get a far superior house…

I have 400k to spend and want to buy in Sandymount. I hope to do better that that place in a few years.

Whoops, sign is back to “For Sale”.