42 Ballymun Road, Glasnevin (-120k, -15%)

Was 810k and by the looks of daft was sale agreed


Now 730k


One photo of bedroom number 3. :unamused:

Dunno what they’re playing at with the photos, but that seems a (suspiciously?) decent price. Relatively anyway.

138 square metres, excellent address, actual period style rather than the PVC-period. I’d put a bid in.

I’d have to agree that it’s surprisingly or suspiciously low. It’s a nice area, and some of the neighbouring houses have been renovated to an impressive standard. Either the house needs wholesale renovation, or simply the name of the road is putting off potential buyers. I’ve heard this has been a problem for those houses for years, I’m surprised they haven’t renamed that part of the road :slight_smile:

I’ve taken the 13 up there a few times and from what I remember there are one or two houses along there that are in a bit of a state. Next time I’m up i’ll take a better look, that’s if I’m not high from blowbacks off the lads down the back of the bus.

myhome.ie/residential/search … VHJB293731

Now 690k , was asking 875k 16months ago and would have gotten 850k+ in early 2006

priced to sell/

Maybe someone is looking at this site…

what price would we buy ?

(I can’t afford it at that price so it’s academic…)