42 Beechwood Avenue Lower, Ranelagh (-460k, -38.3%)

Was 1,200,000
property-vultures.com/Histor … 38569.html

Now 995,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-6/138569

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-6/219706

158 (sq meters) = 1,700 sq feet
€517/sq foot

Am I alone in wondering what the attraction with Ranelagh is?

At the outset, I should disclose an interest. I grew up in Rathgar and spent my wasted youth in Rathmines.

Growing up in Dublin, there were plenty of places you would want to go (Terenure for parks, Rathfarnham on your way to the mountains, Sandymount for the sea, Leeson St. for obvious reasons) but I never once, ever, heard anyone suggest that we go to Ranelagh. There is a reason for this - it is a nothing, a mere staging post on the way to somewhere else. It is a place of empty aspiration, populated by people who are incapable of understanding the present, on their journey to an imaginedly better future. There is a half-decent chippy just off the triangle, and that is it. The pubs are shite, there is nowhere to walk around and relax (all the nearby parks are in de 'mines).

All of this is epitomised by this house - it looks the part, but is of no intrinsic value. It is a house, but not a place to live. I would be far happier in a small house in Stepaside than in this chimeriac shell.

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When it takes you 75-80 minutes to get a bus from Knocklyon to City Centre, and takes about the same driving - then you see the intrinsic value of Ranelagh. Luas and short walk/cycle/drive into town.

This house is still mad money mind.


Ranelagh has plenty of restaurants however in general they, like Ranelagh itself, are overrated. However many people are willing to pay a premium to live close to town; it will be interesting to see by how much the amount per hour decreases.

For many renters 100-200 is def worth it - you can walk into many of the Harcourt St offices - I know someone paying 450pcm for an ensuite room with parking (period house). Start there and work backwards to get a valuation.

On the parks and walks, Ranelagh Gardens is one of the best kept secrets in Dublin 6. I’m always amazed at how few people even know it’s there. On top of that, if you like walking you also have Dartmouth Square and the lovely roads around there which are nice to walk around, and of course you have the canal, which for me is the prettiest walk in all Dublin.

Also, if you like Rathmines you leave out one of the advantages of Ranelagh - it’s a 7 minute walk to Rathmines!

Ed: People on this forum often tell me I way over-rate Ranelagh, so I’ve kept my eulogising down to a minimum this time!

There is a really strong community spirit in Ranelagh - it has evolved over the last 4 or 5 years in particular, due in no small part to the annual Ranelagh Arts Festival which is now a major fixture in the city arts calendar!

There used to be a couple of decent grocers. Not sure if they’re still there.

Having lived there and also in Ballsbridge, GCD, Ringsend, Stillorgan,…it’d def be my preferred place to live

Reasons would be closeness to town, pubs, restaurants, superquinn, Luas


That’s €435 per square foot.

Ranemaniacs, in even your wildest ravings about the place, do any of you think it’s worth anything close to this price to live there?

I’m not a ranemaniac sharper, but some of the posts here suggest either a prejudice against Ranelagh (for whatever reason) or that some posters haven’t been there for some time. To suggest that the only thing Ranelagh has going for it is a half-decent chippy off the Triangle is bizarre. I’d say it’s pretty much accepted that the selection of restaurants on the main street make it one of the best locations to eat and drink in Dublin. I think Larry makes the case for all the other benefits fairly well.

Won’t argue prices aren’t high - though i would point out that the best locations in most Central European capitals have prices in excess of these.

I used to live in Ranelagh. Never went out there. It is a pass through village…then again I never understood anywhere within 1/4 km of the road from Ranelagh to Goatstown. Always something bordering nothing.


I’m actually in recovery from Ranemania. The doctors say the swelling is going down and I should be all better by Spring selling season 2012.

@Cheeky Offer, but it’s impossible to get a seat in any restaurant without a reservation in Ranelagh from Thursday to Sunday - you may get lucky midweek but often not. The place is heaving most evenings I’m cycling through. While there are undoubtedly criticisms of the place, calling it a “pass through” village is strange to me. Anyways, its no big deal. Different strokes and all that I guess.

30 Lower Beechwood had the Sold sign put up yesterday. Did not take long to sell (looking for €850,000 so must have got near enough)…

I think the village thing is overdone - there is that element but often it’s wishful thinking. “a pass through” place it isn’t.

stereotype but:

It seems more popular with restaurant/latte/G&T loving types i.e. mostly females, than fresh air/sea/hills/sports fields loving types i.e. mostly males - however the latter usually end up chasing the former…

Perhaps a fair criticism of Ranelagh is one articulated by Peter Griffin about The Godfather movie - “It insists upon itself”


As an aside, a mate of mine observed an amazing phenomenon about Peter Griffin a few weeks back - he actually sounds fat! How is that possible?!

:smiley:. Very good.