42 Cherryfield Avenue, Ranelagh (-335k, -34.4%)

Was 975k (Sep 2007)
tribune.ie/archive/article/ … gh-975000/

Now 775k
homes.irishtimes.com/residential … KKJY392942
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 41482.html

www4.myhome.ie/residential/searc … KKJY392942

Sq. Feet: 1033.34 @ €775k

€750 per sq ft

That’s cheeky.

Small house, small garden, nicely done but not spectacular. Interestingly they do not give the dimensions of the third “bedroom”. :angry:

Alleged dimensions on the floor plan - 9’2" x 10’11"

now 690k:
myhome.ie/residential/search … KKJY392942

Now €640k:

Bit old fashioned is it not?

That’s gotta add a whole 50 Euro worth of value!

Rent for 2600pm
allenandjacobs.ie/site/property. … roperty=12