42 Greygates, Mount Merrion (-620k, -55.4%)

Was 1,120,000 (but listed as “43 Greygates”?!?)

Now 895,000

Now €850,000.


Worth more than that even on a bad day, but proximity to Dual Carriageway is bound to put punters off. Will sell for about 800k, I reckon.
Crazy but true.

Now 795k


Also available to rent (listed as 5 bed)


2,000 per month :confused:

Now 740k

Total drop of 380k or 34%

Another Young’s price drop!


Now €499,950 - haven’t seen anything for this kind of money along here for many years!

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1466048

Might finally attract a buyer at this price.

Irish Times 4 March 1999

IRP 280,000 then = €487,248 now

Looks like they have built a house in the back garden.

Historical prices I can find for houses in Greygates (assuming they’re all roughly the same)

£295,000 in 1998
£330,000 in 1999

Despite some opinions, one year later still on the market for 499,950k.
Tiny back garden with N11.

It has no back garden at all, it has a side garden and a front garden, both directly on to the N11.

It’s mind-boggling that they were given permission to build in the back garden at all, with an entrance that close to a busy corner. And astonishing that they expect someone to pay half a million euros to live in a house with no parking of its own, on a busy corner, with totally compromised garden space, and forever connected to the newbuild in the back garden which presumably now houses the sellers.

With all of its faults, I wouldn’t pay 250 for it. To put up with the traffic noise and claustrophia of being hemmed in like that I’d want to get a seriously low price per square foot.

You could buy 42a for €379k along with 42 and knock it.


Nice size place then for 880k

Or you could but two doors up for an extra 50 k and you get a big corner site, a double garage and an extra bedroom


I saw that the corner house mentioned in previous post (can’t remember number - but was for sale by Des Lalor) has gone Sale Agreed (on sign outside house)

€449,950 on 4/5/2012

So, fifty quid change out of the lowest Pinster estimate (admittedly 2 yrs later).