42 THE STILES ROAD, Clontarf, -100K(10%)

This was 995K.
Third row here.
webcache.googleusercontent.com/s … google.com
Now 895K.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-3/136639

Odd one this. Bit of a mess. Seems to have been 2 houses originally, now knocked into one building with a ground floor apartment and a first floor apartment. So fairly big costs involved in returning it to one or two houses.

Now check the satellite view or street view.
What the photos are careful not to show is that there is already another house built in the side garden at a right angle to this one. So it, and this one, share a back garden and a driveway (only access the second garage) The photos of the garden in the ad seem to imply that it belongs to this house but no mention of it in the blurb. Because of the orientation of the houses I can’t see how you could sort out the shared back garden issue.
And then they have the audacity to suggest


And that, folks, is what you can afford to buy in Ireland if you’re a millionaire. Well into the deepest economic crisis the country has ever known and people are still looking for lotto win money for ugly houses in average areas - with somebody else living in your garden to boot. Unbelieveable.

And it’s not even particularly big. These people who still live in 2006, do they age like us or has that stopped for them too?

If you don’t believe what the local known agents in an area are telling you, then go with someone who’s cheap, agrees with exactly what your thinking, hasn’t a clue on the area, and hasn’t a hope of selling your house for you !!!

If you discount his house by 50% you’d get 447,500. That still seems way over priced to me, and this is an area I’ve lived in and I’m considering buying in.

My BS radar tells me somethings not right with this property.

This particular EA is always *truly honoured *to bring a property to the market. Since he’s only *truly delighted *here, I’d be very concerned. :wink:

It looks like a health centre or a business premises.

:open_mouth: SALE AGREED :open_mouth: