43 Arbour Hill, Dublin 7 (-400k, -72.7%)

Was 550k … =firefox-a

Now 400k

needs at least 100K of work done to it. I wouldn’t buy it for 200K in its current state!

Now 350k
-200k, -36%

Now 345k
-205k, -37%

Now 150K

Wow a drop of 400 grand! That’s fairly massive although it just shows how ridiculous the original valuation was.

and now you don’t have to!

Great to have those amenities.

Its a wonder they didn’t state “conveniently located to Arbour Hill Prison” :laughing:

Who in their right mind would include proximity to a prison in the advertising blurb 8DD

I didn’t know the rating went that low. Indeed it does appear to be the lowest rating possible.

I think it’s kind of a gentlemens’ prison. Ray Burke sojourned there for a while, considering his ill deeds.

But yeah, why not mention it with the part that says “This Property is in Need of Modernisation” (which, for everyone else, is serious structral work (e.g. an indoor loo, some kind of heating system and BER upgrading to something approaching normal).

Maybe randomly capitalise a few words to make it look officious and legalistic.

sort of.

it is know as ‘The Vatican’ among the Prison Officers; unlike Ray they aren’t there because of money resting in their bank accounts

Nearing puke out price.

this looks like it could be sold. drove past last week and construction work had started.