43 Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham - then and now

“Jackson Stops withdrew 43 Butterfield Avenue and are now seeking offers in excess of €406k £320k].”
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 52757.html

Looks like it has been completely redecorated since.

Now asking €620k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1812709
186 m² / 2002 ft²
€309/sq foot

200k worth of refurb in today’s money…after the 60%+ falls in value we’ve had…
we’re not back at 2001 prices here

Looks like a lovely job but still a bit rich at 620 for the location I think.

What am I missing?

That is a great looking family home after under going a serious refurb.

However I don’t know the area well.

How does it compare with Woodside where I know a house has sold in recent weeks for excess €900 that need work?

It is a mature, handsome, well finished house on a quite busy road.
I think the point might be that it is not worth twice the asking price of an uglier 1960s semi a few hundred yards away. I also assume they’re counting the attic conversion as floor space.

I think it deserves a premium but not double the asking price.

It’s a lovely family home alright but the busy road and the nightmare traffic into town make the location less than ideal.

How much of a premium?

x% of the cost of the renovation?
x% of the cost of alternative accommodation while the work is on going?
x% of professional fees
x% of interest on your mortgage while renovation work is on going?

In your honest opinion how much would it cost to convert no. 57 to the standard of 43?

Is there a profit to be made in buying the cheaper house and doing it up?

It is easy to say something is overpriced but there appears to be a shortage of good quality family homes finished to a high stanadrd.

43 is a more handsome design, maybe slightly older house. You couldn’t make 57 into 43. And you would lose money trying to.

I don’t think 57 is correctly priced. It needs a lot of upgrading to me. I didn’t really mean to compare 43 to that particular house, just to quieter houses around it in the €300k range.

Butterfield Avenue is a drag stip for cars, and you’re living practically opposite the Orchard Pub etc. I think the roads off it are better places to live. Nice as the house is, for €620k I’d want Rathdown not this bit of Butterfield Avenue.
I see that Rathdown are looking for much more than €620k though.

As a landlord you think you’d make money renting this at that price? I don’t think so. I don’t see the rental demand for this house at the rent you’d need to justify that investment.

If I knew my tenants would

  1. Stay for 10-20 years and raise their family in the property
  2. Properly maintain the property and contents
  3. Return the property to me at the end of the rental in the same condition they received it
  4. Any additional property costs levied by the government would be paid by the tenant

Yes I would be happy with a 5-6% gross rental yield that would increase each year in line with inflation.

Unfortuanately German like tenants are am extinct breed in Ireland.

Good rental behaviour means lower long term rent

i reckon you would struggle to get over 2k/month for this so well off 6%.
Nice gaff though and a good location albeit on a busy road.

On that basis I’d be prepared to lend 350-400k on the house if I was a lender. So it depends on what cash the buyer can drum up herself. I can certainly see someone falling for that house.

I belief you would get €2500 per month.

This is a high end family home. In terms of finish it would be well inside the top 5 % of all homes in the city.

People will pay for a quality product.

I think in the current market you have to assume zero borrowing.

So the comparison is the long term rental yield versus the rate of return on cash.

But if you are looking for a BTL mortgage today, the LTV will be 50% of purchase price.

I attended an open viewing of this house on Saturday. There must have been about 60 people there, mostly couples in their 30s with young children, and what appeared to be a few elderly neighbours. There was such a throng we had to go single file up the stairs.
It is all very nicely done. It looked like a lot of thought went into it. Had a calm colour scheme- Great if you like pale blue, if not you’d have to repaint the whole place.
The garden at the back is not long but it is quite wide, almost a square, and there is a tree (with rope swing attached) in the middle. The back garden is north facing. There is a road running alongside the LHS but the garden is still quite private. Family next door with young children also, by the look of their back garden.
The front wall had a dense hedge on top so the view of the traffic is minimised.
The traffic is heavy. I has parked on the pavement close by, and parking there was fraught enough with the traffic. On leaving I had to turn right into the oncoming traffic causing a small jam . It was hectic enough.
I believe there was at least one offer on the day of 580K.

580k!!!..there’s just so much interest in SCD at the moment for good 3 and 4 beds at the moment, I would’nt be surprised if the stats started to show price rises soon

According to ea there is an offer of 600k on this house now.

Sale agreed