43 Pearse Square -100k (-13%)

Was 750k, now 650k:

Wed Jan 28 08:38:49 2009 * Price changed: from ‘€715,000’ to ‘Region €650,000’ [Found by Rupert]
Mon Nov 3 12:11:03 2008 * Agent changed: from ‘Savills HOK’ to ‘Savills’
Fri Oct 3 16:33:16 2008 * Price changed: from ‘€750,000’ to ‘€715,000’ [Found by winifred]
Fri Sep 26 17:18:06 2008 * Price changed: from ‘From €750,000’ to ‘€750,000’ [Found by winifred]
Sat Sep 20 20:34:07 2008 * Initial entry found. [Found by winifred]

Now, I love Pearse square but this house has a couple of anomalies: first of all, it’s only “end of terrace” in the sense that it’s attached to a commercial warehouse on one side and a house on the other.

More strangely, it was originally a 2-story over basement but it seems like the basement has been hived off as a separate property. It has a separate entrance but not sure I’d fancy that much.

please provide a link in the future.

here it is: daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=407853&search=1

My bad, sorry.

132 Sq. Metres (1,420 Sq. Feet) @ €650k

€4,924 per sq m


€458 per sq ft

I’m pretty sure this one has been discussed before and price was higher to start, but cannae find it.