430 North Circular Road, Phibsboro

This house was on the market in 2010 for 150k, came back on the market again in early 2012 with a guide price of 175k, and today appeared on Daft with a price of 130k by the original agent from 2010.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/1781548

Does anybody know the story associated with it?

I know that it is in poor condition, and does not come with parking(a condition that would get worse with the proposed childrens hospital), but is there something else driving down the price? The neighbouring houses could do with a bit of TLC, but are not too irredeemable. Is there trouble with the neighbours, etc?

Please post links for all prices claimed.

This actually was previously at 200k
collapso.dyndns.org/JavaHost/ser … ?id=196300

Now 175k on Myhome
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/1781548
140k on Daft.ie

if its the house I’m thinking of, there are a bunch of Roma families living in it currently.