44 Grand Canal Street, Ballsbridge (-575k, -59%)

Was 975k


Now 910k


Now 600k


35% overnight must be among the biggest individual drops we’ve seen.

Looks like there is a lot of work to be done on this property.

Yep. Perhaps the build-in ‘oportunity’ premium is starting to lose its attractivness
I was always amazed at the price of properties that needed refurb. The figures just don’t stack up.

Is this really in Ballsbridge?

Yes, and Galway is East Manhattan.

€460/sq foot

Arf - yeah, I live nearby and depending on which daft.ie ad you read, my address is either “Ringsend”, “Ballsbridge” or just a plain “Dublin 4”.


Now €500k:daft.ie/1368497

“structural issues”



Why do they include this in the details? Is this actually going to finalize a sale? or is someone getting paid for this unsuspecting advert?

The state of that place, I’d say they might get €250,000.

Id say its daft selling ad space to 02

Now €450k:myhome.ie/107985

It depends on which side of the road you are on; Haddington Road is Ballsbridge, Bath Ave is Ringsend, but for agruement sake you could say it is on the right side of the tracks

According to An Post, the canonical address is

44 Grand Canal Street Upper
Dublin 4

Now €400k: Here myhome.ie/107985 and here daft.ie/1368497

Still 400k, must be due another drop soon. Can’t believe the poor quality of the pictures, are they really interested in selling this place?

Now €350k here:daft.ie/1368497 and here:myhome.ie/107985

This house never looks like value. They are always so far behind the downward curve.
I remember looking at that kitchen photo and thinking "They think someone will pay them 975k for THAT. Now I’m still looking at it thinking "They think someone will pay them 350k for THAT.

The ad brags abouts selling no. 50 up the road.

Anyone know how much that was looking more? It was likely in a better condition for one thing.