44 Greygates, Mount Merrion (-550k, -50%)

Originally at 1.1M with DNG - New price of 950K … clnk&gl=ie

dng.ie/search_detailed_resul … D=10021054

myhome.ie/residential/search … XEJG395433

What I found interesting is that it is only new to the market and was in IT Suppl 16/04 at 1.1M
So it only took 8 days for them to decrease their price. :nin … clnk&gl=ie

DNG don’t bother with total sq foot as it is only a 3 bed and the price will only look more ridiculous :wink:

Just looking at this house on the DNG link

dng.ie/search_detailed_resul … D=10021054

I see on the same page their BER advert stating it’s mandatory from Jan 1st for all sales & lettings - however there is no sign of a BER rating for this house! :angry:

assuming 1150 sq ft , €826/sq foot, :open_mouth: :unamused:

He hid his car in his garage :unamused: How cunning.

Mrs O’Duffy - Did I hear you parking your car in the garage?
Eoin O’Duffy - Sshh! I’ve hidden it.

Not sure why you would assume it is 1150 sq ft? Looking at the picture, I’d guess 1400+. Still nuts price by any sensible pricing methodology…

Now €800k:myhome.ie/123856

First pricedrop April 2009

First line of description


A year (and a few bank bailouts) later, still 800k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/123856

now €550k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1802787

Priced to sell. Can’t see that hanging around long.

You could be right.

Needs a bit of tidying up, but the guts are there.
People bothered by traffic (I’m not one of them) need not apply.

I just want that double garage!

Seems good value for a decent enough plot in MM. However it’s an odd shape, 122 m2 is not very big, and there is the traffic to put off a large cohort of potential buyers.

I’d like the double garage, but I’d convert it to living space. The potential in that might be where the value lies

If I ever buy a house with a converted garage I am reinstating the garage!

Reckon this one will be gone within the month

Yourself and Conor should get together for a pint sometime, to make sure you are not bidding against each other for the best garages in SCD!

Lovely looking place.

A garage is high on my personal wishlist - but this bears little relation to wishlist I’m working off in real life!

I think my best option is to buy a doer-upper that has the potential to extend into the garage but not leave myself enough money to do it. 8)

Sale Agreed: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1802787

lot of money to live on a dual carriageway…