44 Lissaniska, Lahinch Road, Ennis,-€44050 (-17.3%)

Was 254k
Now 209950

House now sale agreed. Goes to show at the right price things are actually selling.

I do not see any indication of sale agreed.
Also sale agreed is not the same as SOLD.

it’s not sale agreed on the daft site:

but it is on these sites (at 224,950 though):

looks like same webserver but different domain names “collmcmahon” and “bmcmahon”. That is definitely possible from a techy point of view.

From experience of the price drops on this website, sale agreed has not meant sold lately. Either people are pulling out or it is a tactic by the Estate Agents but a good few sale agreeds seem to be falling through these days. I guess time will tell.