44 Park Drive, Ranelagh (-205k, -14.6%)

Was 1.4m

Now 1.195m

198 sq metres = 2,131 sq feet
€560/sq foot

Is that really a million euro kitchen? I don’t think so.

This might be close on 50% overpriced IMO, even for lovely Ranelagh (and this is quite a distance from the village too).

That price is insane. Sherry Fitz filling heads full of nonsense again.

sale agreed myhome.ie/1279998

Judging by current Sherry Fitz pricing strategy (see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=38854) and the sky-high asking price on this one, they will have happily accepted a 30-35% drop against the ask (there’s plenty of evidence in the stats on their actual selling prices that they are frequently accepting deep cuts against asking prices on properties in this price bracket). So may have sold somewhere in the region of €775-800k.

I have to ask myself whether they could have obtained a better selling price by setting a more realistic asking price that would have attracted more potential viewers and, ultimately, bidders.

I had Sherry Fitz value my house a few months ago and they were the only EA to value low with a view to getting close to the asking. Very different price bracket though!

(Went with the other “give 'em room to haggle” option in the end - will never know if that was right or not :slight_smile: )

Sold august 2011.

Buyer had the price of a few pints left over from a million.

propertypriceregister.ie/Web … enDocument

Larry and doubledigitgrowth – your guesses were way too low – sharper1971 was also a bit low but not as dramatically. Just keeping score guys; no offense meant at all. I did not guess so I am not trying to criticize. Incidentally this end bit of Park Drive is quite interesting in terms of Dublin historical (early 20th century) residential architecture. And wonderfully quiet since the roads are blocked at the Cowper Luas so there is no through traffic.