44 Warners Lane, Dartmouth Road, Ranelagh (+175k, +30.4%)

Was 575k since Jan 2014 at least. Hasn’t sold.
content.yudu.com/Library/A2oiyb/ … ces/25.htm

Now jumped up to 750k (+30.4%) 8DD
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2195145
4 Bed Mews 1619 ft² / 150.41 m²
€463/sq ft

Hi mambo. Do you know whether this house sold eventually? I have checked the register starting in August 2014, just to be careful, and have not found it. This house was featured in the Irish Times of Nov 1 2012 in an article entitled ‘Thoroughly Modern Mews in Ranelagh’. The selling agent was DNG.
On 23 August 2014, just 2 days after you posted the extraordinary price rise of No 44, ’ Renwar’ No 39 Warners Lane was brought to market asking an eye watering 950K. It was described as a 3 bed on the collapso site. It has failed to sell to date and has recently been relaunched by Knight Frank who managed to secure a puff piece on 2 July last entitled ‘Spacious family home with substantial city garden for 950,000’. The article wasn’t entirely flattering. On 10 July the Independent gave it a mention and stated that it was on open view the following Saturday. Does anyone know whether this viewing was well attended and whether there are any offers on this house? Incidentally it is now described as a 4 bed. There is a bedroom downstairs. In light of the presumed failure of no 44, a 4 bed, to sell first at 575k for over a year and then at 750K, what might no 39 be worth?

No idea, but if it’s not on the register, then I guess it didn’t sell.

Thanks mambo for your quick reply. Would value your opinion on no 39. It was featured in the Independent in Feb this year, many months before its new launch.

No 39 still unsold!

No 44 is back on the market for the fourth time asking 795,000 this time with DNG. It didn’t sell in 2012 asking 575,000 nor in 2014 asking 750,000. This time however it has been staged by an interior designer. Today’s Irish Times is once again affording it a promotional piece but only one car parking space now (not the 2 mentioned before) but the floor space has expanded to 150 sq m contrasting with the 128 sq m of the earlier brochure.

Irish Times puff piece:
irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.2566179

Myhome listing:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2195145
4 Bed Mews 1619 ft² / 150.41 m² , BER B2
€491/sq ft

Did anyone view this at the open viewing on Saturday? It’s a big price jump! At what price might it represent value?

Now sale agreed.

In March 2009 Owen Reilly put two newly constructed 4 bed townhouses on the market- nos 44 & 45 Warners Lane. They failed to sell. DNG remarketed no 44 in November 2012. It failed to sell. A year ago both these houses had been lying empty for months. Presumably they had been rented out prior to that.

So in March this year DNG relaunched no 44 asking 795K. Meanwhile no 45 was standing empty alongside. The bidding quickly exceeded 900K and no 44 is now on the PPR for 915K. Finally no 45 is on the market asking 865K.

What bothers me about this narrative is -if there were a number of bidders genuinely going for 44 at the 900K + level, why didn’t the underbidder go sale agreed on no 45 promptly at his/ her highest bid?

How many home buyers are actually bidding against a phantom?