45 Durham Rd , Sandymount (-100k, -9%)



PPR - 1m - Dec 20

1.1m - Aug 18


Apparently if a property sells for less than asking price, it’s NOT a signal of falling house prices.

Go figure…


Definitely. House prices have collapsed here in Ireland. All the published data is fake news and lies. The reality is sales prices are down 10%+ across the board. The fact that buyers like me can’t afford to buy something is a figment of our imagination. Or maybe all the EA’s are lying to us. But then when I look at the price register for houses I have bid on, to my amazement I find that indeed, they are selling for those “phantom prices” the EA’s made up. Go figure.


(Maybe if enough of us start writing posts like this the market will actually collapse and we can buy a nice gaff - is that the plan??)