45 Waterloo Lane, Ballsbridge, D4

Sold for €655k on October 2nd. Now seeking €2,500 rent per month. Poor ROI.

lisney.com/Residential/45-Wa … water.aspx

Did you forget that the market is booming?! The new owner probably bought it with 30% capital appreciation per annum in mind.

Unfurnished. Nice.

I think I viewed this 18 months ago as a rental. Nice house but slightly small. Wouldn’t be too gone on the lane at night for Mrs Evilal.

When I viewed it there was a notice on the kitchen counter from the local Garda victim liaison saying “Sorry to hear about your recent break-in”. The owner whipped it out of sight fairly quickly :slight_smile:

77 Watherloo lane sold 8-8-13 for €605k