46 Merton Road

Any idea of what this house will go for?

sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/prope … &ST=1&pc=1

AMV is €1.2m but successful auctions are as rare as hen’s teeth.

At anything high 4 Kenilworth Rd would be a better deal I think


:open_mouth: My eyes are still stunned from the carpet wallpaper combo!! They could be lucky as it’s detached - I would have preferred Kenilworth myself. I’d say it won’t sell at auction and will sell shortly afterwards for circa €1million - calling the troops to rally and the late Spring/ Early Summer selling season will take off in leaps and bounds - and 6 months time we’ll all look back and say - darn if only I had bought when I had the chance!!! - or not! XD

Great location, very quiet but a minutes walk from the Luas. 2 storey homes may not be as nice to look at as the over basement ones but they are a more practical layout.

If I was in the mrket I would definitely be looking at this

485k would be my offer for this no more no less

Perhaps a bit too close to the Luas?

Some of those houses on Cowper Rd are nice.

Worth 325k.





I suspected as much. The lack of map on the brochure almost screamed it. It’s a long garden though, and afair, the Luas runs at street level there, so there is no direct view from the tram to the bedrooms.

Looking at those pictures it also strikes me that the house would be an easy target for burglaries as the whole length of the rear garden borders the street, so it isn’t very secure.

how did you get those pictures? would save so many viewings!


I think it will make the 1.2mm AMV, it’s arond the corner from Temple Villas which is an amazing road, few better than that in Dublin. If the Luas wasn’t running behind it the price would be much higher. Sherry Fitz will make this auction work, it’s like the Eglington Road auction…remember that?

Kenilworth Road was not an easy house to auction…that was a huge renovation, the area is not as good so a lot of people would be turned off.

In any case, someone will pay 1.2mm for this, they’ll be mad to…but someone will.

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From the aerial photo it looks like it needs a serious amount of work (I’m referring specifically to the standard of the windows, and assuming the rest of the house follows the same pattern), I assume that any prospective purchasers would overlook such trivialities in favour of getting the good address? :slight_smile:

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Agree at €1.2m stamp and refurb you’d want to be crazy. Close to town alright but compare that to whats out there on private treaty and it’s looking like diabolical value. Think what you’d get in London or New York and there you’d have the earnings to back it up and would not get charged a tenner for a sandwich… rip off Ireland it’s end must be fast approaching.


Thanks Iguana!

Sold at auction today for €1.55m :smiley:

I know someone who lives on Merton road. The garden is quite long and I can never hear the Luas when I’m in their kitchen. The Luas is at ground level. I like the area but prices are still bonkers. The houses aren’t that impressive. This is a suburb of a drab second rate city.Prices are still outrageous.

Should that read “bought at auction today for €1.55m”?


Eh, no actually!