46 Tritonville Road, Sandymount (-c. 50%)

“A terraced townhouse at 46 Tritonville Road with a refreshingly colourful interior it is expected to fetch over €1 million when auctioned jointly by Sherry FitzGerald and Hooke & MacDonald on March 15th.”
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 63652.html

Now asking 475k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1909999

Nice house. The up/down layout is a bit odd but it’s €276/sqm in Sandymount/Ringsend with a decent sized garden… assuming no structural issues, looks like value to me.

Anyone go to the viewing today? I missed it :frowning:

Looks ok, but that is one busy road out front. No rear or side access -1.

Well, you’re just spoiled now!

Meeeaow! :wink:

I had look - value seems ok at first, but busy road, pokey rooms (especially the bedrooms) dark garden, cheap and worn fittings…hmm…not for me.

Maybe it will instill a sense of reality into the vendor & EA at no.93

I wouldn’t be so sure. La la land unfortunately.

A good few people missing around outside today, presumably viewing.

I went to the open viewing last weekend. I was met at the door by a couple of kids representing the EA. Couldn’t have been more than 15. A house asking almost half a million and they couldn’t even send a proper EA. Not that I have anything against the perfectly nice kids, but I didn’t ask them any questions. Which leads me to asking, does anyone know where this stands now? Are there any offers in?

Just talked to EA today- there is an offer of €460k on this but lots of interest and he expects will be more offers soon. SIGH!

Sale agreed

Wow. I would love that house. :frowning:

Sold for €496K on 29/8/2012.