47-51 Whitehall Road Churchtown (-150k, -18.75%)

Were 800k
irishpropertywatch.5gbfree.com/i … 80507.html

Now 650k for No. 47

Now 655k for No. 49

Now 650k for No. 51

It doesn’t mention the square feet of the house. I wonder why.

Also there is big sign outside these saying “Only one left” or some such guff.

and one on the right, plus the one in the middle. :wink:

2 years later and number 47 is back on the market - looks like it didn’t sell based on unfinished look to interior.

Quite a difference in those 2 years however - now on for €380k (‘Priced for a quick sale, offers considered’) and looks expensive relative to other property in the area!

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/408231

I wonder what they will eventually go for? Hard to know with no sq m.

Number 47 now on daft for €345k


Total drop €455k or 57%

Number 47 now down to €320k (open to offers)

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/408231

Total drop from 800k now 60%

Edit:- Misquoted at €325k - actual price €320k

800k - these must be up there as poster children for the madness. €150k (and I’d worry I was missing better value elsewhere).

No. 47 now 320k

Now €300k