47 properties for sale on Westland Row!

So I just happened to be looking at this house thinking it was in Clonskeagh (since that’s what the description says!), only to discover that it’s actually in Clonsilla. OK so fair enough - I thought I’d just look at the map to see where it had been mapped.

myhome.ie/residential/search … 1#map-view

Only to find it is actually on Westland Row in the city center! Along with 46 other properties!!
If you click on the group of houses pic to see the properties - they are in all sorts of locations!! Is this the default location on MyHome? or is it just a case of - sorry - not sure where this is - but if you hop on one of these nice trains that will be passing any minute, I’m sure you can find it! :slight_smile:

Hang on, if I click on the picture, one said Malahide… Didn’t know it was that close from pearse station? Odd?