47 Wilson Road, Mount Merrion (-345k,-38.5%)

Found with property bee



Back on the market at 745k :open_mouth:

Seems to have been modernised/renovated in the meantime?
204 Sq. Metres (2,196 Sq. Feet)
€339/sq ft

Can’t see that refurb costing much over 100k.

Looks like the owner is going to see a good return on his investment.

And if it goes above the asking price BD

I’m shocked that the renovation was ‘recent’. I like the exterior, but the interior looks like it was done circa 2001 - certainly doesn’t look like the interior of a €745k bungalow, especially one with little to no garden.

As I said. €100k renovation.

Many on the pin have become accustomed to criticising €300k refurbs and now assume a higher level of finish as standard.

Welcome to the property depression.

wait and see what it actually sells for (if indeed it does sell this time) before getting too excited landlord…

Sold 7-10-13 for €690k