48 Ardagh Crescent, Blackrock (-420k, -46%)

Was 915k


Now 845k


Now 550k


now 495k

Needs dragging out of the 70’s, by the look of it and don’t see a sq ft for the property, nice area, though!

This is a classic house priced at all times above the prevailing fundamentals. Used to be POA (you know, so special we can’t tell you the price). Too small to be a long term family home (in SCD terms).

€250k and some of those new fangled pure breed pigs…

Terry Halpenny changed all his listings to POA for a while.

915k back in the 08 - like a bad episode of the twilight zone…

POA unless the gaff is one of those if you have to ask you probably can’t afford is just idiotic