48 iona Rd (-1240k,-77.5%)

Stunner of a house.

Was 1.6 million … cd=1&gl=ie

Now 1.4 million.
property.irishpost.co.uk/residen … UWGO350240

Some very nice properties in this area. However, the price for this particular one seems to have been plucked from the sky. Most of the 3 beds are now ~1m and there is a 5 bed for just over 1m, so 1.4m is still frankly ludicrous. Also worth factoring in the large development of high-rise apartments planned for the site behind that road. Traffic will be a nightmare.

i am having difficulty locating an original prce for no 57 Lindsay road, behind this house. It is now under 1 million, and I am sure it was a fair bit higher up to recently.
myhome.ie/residential/search … NMKV352239

I am not so sure how the Smurfit site development will proceed given the current climate, but the idea of a multistorey building blocking the westerly sun from the back of the gardens of Iona Park would really put me off the premium price they seem to command.

I actually viewed 57 Lindsay Rd when it went on the market, sometime last April I think. I still have the original brochure and the asking price was €1.1m.

The house needs total renovation, at least 200k worth I’d imagine.

so you are happy to quote that as my evidence of the original price drop?

Yes, maybe you’ll start a new thread?

I live in this area and have been casually watching houses come and go from the market on Lindsay and Iona Roads.

The big houses like no. 48 have all been coming to the market around €1.4m since 2006, the smaller end of terraces around €900k-€1.1m. This initial pricing trend hasn’t changed much over the last couple of years, but houses sit on the market much longer now than in the past.

Some of the big houses were up for sale for 9 months or more. They all shifted eventually and I didn’t detect any price drops, but who knows what the final selling prices were.

AFAICT, if no. 48 had achieved its €1.6m initial asking price it would have set a record for the street. Hopeful pricing in this climate, beautiful and all as the house is.

Now 1.1 million


That is fascinating, a courageous drop to get interest, as opposed to the “death by a thousand cuts” that others in the area are involved in, or the total " head in the sand" refusal to face the music by some others.

This is a stunner of a house, but the mood music is so bad that anything seems risky at the moment.

you could do better !!

myhome.ie/residential/search … CBRD368730

in need of total refurb but 795K

executor sales are the ones to watch - they seem to be leading the way down - usually the family want rid of the house so they are giving a head ups on the market clearence price in an area @ that time

The link you provided says 695K, by the way.

For sale sign began to fade in the sun and was taken down and now i hear the house is being rented out. I wonder if the owners expect the price to rise in the future?

latest is 595k

Is that 595k for 48 Iona Rd or 22 Iona Crescent? I saw 595k for Iona Crescent

auction.co.uk/irish/LotDetai … 79&S=L&O=A


Was 1.1m
irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft

Reserve now 360k
auction.co.uk/irish/LotDetai … 79&S=L&O=A

360K reserve price! The neighbours must be furious!

I hadn’t realised those houses were subject to groundrents.

Even if they are its a non argument, and would they be furious if they were bidders?

Very interesting! These are beautiful houses that only recently I have started to keep an eye on as they drift down towards my budget. That 's a low reserve. I don’t have a spare €200,000 for the refurb though…