48 Raglan Lane, Dublin 4 (-300k, -24%)

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Previous Alsop auction of Raglan Lane house:

blogs.myhome.ie/2011/04/30/allso … -analysis/

42 Raglan Lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, 4 Bed sold for 550,000

Yes - the extra 700,000 really justifies those festooning hanging baskets.

Maybe the auctioneer should be renamed Beirne and Not-So-Wise.

Looks like the day of the triffids!

Myhome.ie listing.

Maybe the EA should be Morecambe and Wise.

48 Raglan Lane was asking 825k in 2001
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So they’re hoping that potential buyers won’t notice that you can get an actual Victorian house in this area for this price already…

Back on at €995k.

Might be “bigger than the average mews” but very pokey looking for almost a million even if it is in the heart of Ballsbridge!


Yes, seems rather expensive.

However, earlier in thread it was quoted as 165m^2, not so small if that’s the case, even if the contorted layout does make it feel rather cramped.

Sold for 950k
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