48 St. Laurence Road, Chapelizod, Dublin 20


Wonder what you all think of this? Only one bathroom…The advert names the designer of the garden. How much could the owners have been expected to pay for this? It seems like one of those aspects of the price that would double the cost of undoing it.

gorgeous house but no parking as such, small garden and v. near river, was some flooding nearby
thejournal.ie/major-emergenc … 2-Oct2011/

I sincerely hope they face the right way when throwing that stone, or it could land in Ballyfermot … where the locals could well retaliate with a barrage of their own measurement-deducing objects !

Lived in the apartments behind this row of houses for a while. Always liked the look of these houses. Chapelizod is great if you want a bit of peace and quiet 15 mins from the city centre. Friendly area but not a lot of nightlife. Ballyfermot no bother, yer just a snobby agent Mr Andersen! As for floods — the road on the south side of the river is about 30 feet above the water. The last time this place flooded Noah was in short pants.

This house has an asking price of €430,000.

This house, nearly next door, just went sale agreed at €295,000.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1759652

Average for Chapelizod seems to be around €280,000.

What makes this house worth so much more?

What makes it ask so much more is the involvement of Felicity Fox.

So how much would you be willing to pay?

I don’t know the Chapelizod market, but if similar houses are 295k, start at 295k plus refurb costs.

Indeed. €295,000 and you could have the garden of your choice AND more than one bathroom.

Very true so perhaps start lower. Personally though I would put a small premium in the refurb having already been done. I think my own time and effort in having to organise a project like that has a monetary value too.


Never bodes well.

I lived a few doors down from this house on St Laurence road almost 10 years ago, the spiritual and conceptual birthplace of the pin no less… so what can I say of practical use…Don’t expect to have any wing mirrors left on your car if you have one but not for the reasons Mr_A says :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting that you lived on that road. Any idea why number 48 is seemingly “worth” so much more than number 42? The difference in actual refurbishments leading to only one bathroom don’t seem worth €135,000 to me.

Red Luas Close by :open_mouth:

The Road outside is quite Narrow so I agree with the wing mirror clipping comment. Parking would be a nightmare not only for yourself but if you ever had guests over. I do Love Chapelizod & the house itself is lovely, I wouldn’t have thought the garden was Professionally landscaped though ? It just looks like a really nice DIY Gardening Job ? I could see it getting near the €400,000 though ?

If you go to see this house. You will probably fall in love with it. Do not fall in love with the price.

This is my first post. I’m frustrated 'cos I was interested in this house so called the agent only to learn that it is sale agreed. why don’t they do their job and change the status on the websites??? seems it went for well over asking. hard to believe given that it says here that houses on the same terrace went for in the region of half that…are house prices going way up again or is this a one-off?

Number 52 is on psr.ie as having sold at 375k and seems to me to be a superior house in a better position than number 48. Number 42 seemingly went sale agreed for 295k but isn’t on the list. Number 48, with Felicity Fox, apparently went sale agreed for well over the 430k asking, though is yet to appear on the list. I wonder what the folks who offered more than 430k are thinking today when they discovered that they overpaid by a dramatic amount and who paid well more than 15% more than one of their neighbours paid and a price that is at least 1.5 times that of the other neighbours. I’ll be curious to see by exactly what amount they overpaid.

Sold for 440k, according to the ppr. Way over the average for Chapelizod and for that terrace.

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