486 Bluebell Ave, Bluebell (-1.4m, -62.2%)

Was 2.25m


Now 1.9m


Are they having a laugh?

I wouldn’t pay 1.9m for 5 such houses in bluebell. I lived around the corner, on long mile road, for a year.

Two things I remember about that spot in bluebell:

  • White Irish Travellers (to use their census classification)
  • Floods - the canal burst its banks on Kylemore Avenue 3 times in my year there.

MUST be the worst value house in Ireland, seriously 1.9 million :open_mouth:

Massive back “garden” though. That’s the whole selling point though innit. I can’t believe people are stilling pricing their properties based on their development potential.

Now 850k, with planning permission for 7 houses on the site