49 Anna Villa, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 (-100k, -20%)

was asking 495K

now asking 395K

€240/sq ft

Do carpet and chair manufactures purposely build those designs for the ‘grey’ market ? :laughing:

Hm, in theory could be quite a lot of house for the money.

It’s a nice little location too, if a bit cramped for parking.
I sold a house here in 2003 (IIRC).
Probably half the size, for more money, albeit with a lot more ‘character’, but in worse condition.

Note the ‘was’ is from earlier today, not a peak price.

+1, with one qualification…

The qualification is that as it’s a period house, it’s always necessary to consider worst case scenarios (structural cracks, damp-related issues, etc) so your structural engineer’s report is a must here. But if the house needs only decorative work and the basic heating/rewiring/replastering job inside, this seems like a fair price.

Sure, there are quite a few obvious disadvantages (e.g. parking) but IMHO these are built into the pricing.

“under negotiation” apparently, they don’t want any more viewings at the moment.

I used to live along here with my bedroom facing the street and I was woken up 2 or 3 times a week by people walking home from the 2 pubs at the end of the street. My place was even set back a bit whereas this one is right on the footpath. There’s also quite a few students and social welfare renters living on this stretch.
All things being equal though, it is a decent price for where we are now but I feel that by the time we’ve bottomed you’ll get a similiar sized Ranelagh house without any caveats for this price.

A house of that size in Ranelagh that isn’t a complete shithole, and a price starting with a “3” is a bit of a watershed IMO. Not surprised it went quickly