49 Beaufield Park, Stillorgan (-70k, -10%)

From The Bee

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14 June 2009

* Status changed: from 'Available' to 'SALE AGREED'

Nice house
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms


Correct me if I am wrong, but was/ is this not local authority housing ?

bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v … &encType=1

Hi Prof,
I have to half-correct you on this one, possibly it was local authority before, but not anymore.
Its a private estate now, very safe and quiet.
I have just recently bought there for less than half what number 49 was guiding for. :angry: :smiley:

Nice one stepheno, was it a similar spec house?

Yep, similar enough. It only has a single floor extension compared to the double on 49 but the garden is much bigger on mine. Needs renovation / mondernisation, but times on my side. :slight_smile:

Good business, young man.
Location is superb - these type of gaffs will weather better than many other areas.

Agreed. Especially in 15 years when treasurys redevelopment of stillorgan is finally finished.

Why is this in the price drop section anyway?

Although its not a price drop, I thought Id put it here as it was a movement from For Sale, to Sale Agreed. For the record.

just to record the details in a place other than the title (which could get edited to reflect an update)


looks like it is back on the market

Dropped to 625k


Doesn’t sale agreed mean anything these days?