49 Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire (-1050k, -41.2%)

Was 2,550,000


Now 2,150,000


Although it’s listed as 21 million on daft

Nice place.

lol property bee says:

Now €1.950; -€600k (-24%)

They seem to be getting into a bit of a tussle with this seller across the road who made a drop from €1.95 to €1.895 apparently in response.

myhome.ie/residential/search … VTLR347262

Now €1.75m. Makes it -€800k, or -31%.

No 18 is now 1.75m too


What could a prof. couple afford? €800k and that is good in the current climate. This is a hold or dump. Lots of work done. I can see other types of these required 300/400k put going for 500k. Interesting.

Edited to add: No parking? Tiny garden? Forget it.

TBF Cheeky what kind of professional couple could afford a mortgage of 800,000?
Say a professional couple pull 120,000 a year. 3.5 times that is 420,000. So at half the price a professional couple could afford it.
Now there are certain professions in Ireland where perverse or otherwise market conditions allow people to earn millions a year. Specialist medical consultants for example or maybe a hedge fund manager or CEO. Other than that you’d have to be in business (and a very sucessful business at that) to afford a 800,000 price tag on a home.

So if you accept that there are far less people who can afford to pay above 500,000 (in the current and more importantly, the coming economic environment) than the number of these foolishly prised properties then the sellers of said properties have two choices.

  1. Don’t sell.
  2. Hack the shit out of the price until they get a buyer.

While I agree with you in principle Bertie, there still appear to be a few people out there who sold up and are holding large deposits judging by the sale agreed’s in the area recently. However, the trend seems to be that nothing over a million is selling. So I am guessing that what you have at the moment is a group of purchasers with the capacity to get that 400-500k mortgage PLUS the large deposit from an earlier sale.

The stampede is on to secure those buyers in my opinion. Very little over 1m is selling, or even being looked at.

There is still enough cash swilling around to distort the market, and it’s not clear yet how long that will continue to be the case. One thing is for sure, the day of 800-900k for crappy semi-d’s is gone. I reckon this place should command about 750-800, due to its size and the area it’s in.

I agree with Canny Scott, plenty of property above the 1mm mark not selling in Dun Laogahire and I think his explanation is valid

Below 1mm there is definitely appetite, look at 2 Munster Terrace in Sandycove, viewings were huge on this house. Ended up with at 4 bidders on it and speaking to the estate agent it had acheived the 985k asking price.

But how do sellers expect to shift property at 1.3mm, 1.5mm these days? Even if someone had a huge deposit can they raise 750+k in a mortage? Very difficult. Plus lots of these houses need 250k renovations

On this house in particular, it’s beautiful but the garden is tiny and no off-street parking. Difficult to sell it to a family

I’m stunned by Munster Terrace. No parking there, 2.5 bedrooms and its gone for almost a 1m? Madness.

Munster Tce: parking wasn’t really an issue as the neighbour had it. But you are right on the bedrooms, that was quite limited. The garden was also north facing. But I can see why it attracted such interest, very cute house, 2,000 sq feet, fully renovated. Plus it was not over the 1mm euro mark

Went for a very good price. Could be 100k underwater by Christmas

Was this taken off the market, then put back on at the reduced price does anyone know? Almost 18 months for sale now…


Strangely enough, Munster Terrace is still for sale on property,ie and on myhome.
So did the sale fall through, or do we have a shill here?

I think we have a lazy EA.

My missus was on to DNG today about another place on clarinda park that is advertised by them at 2 different prices (cheaper on their website than myhome) which she was told is now sale agreed.

I think it’s still bidding, spoke to the agent last Friday


Now showing as agreed.

now says: €1,500,000 and not sale agreed

See text in main body:


Odd turn of phrase but there none the less.