49 Crannagh Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 (-375k or -35%)

Asking of [*950k * (https://www.dng.ie/proppdf/Terenure_1170%20DNG-49%20Crannagh%20road-4pA5.pdf) in agents PDF’d brochure.

Now asking [**700k * * (https://www.myhome.ie/residential/search/brochure/49-crannagh-road-rathfarnham/FLMEC345488&intcmpid=BB_5547)

Verified drop of 250k or 26%

However Agent claims in current myhome ad that this was once 1.15m. If initial asking was 1.15m, then drop of 450k or -39%. A bargain then.

Googling “49 Crannagh Road” throws up:

though click through the to page and there’s no sign of that entry.

Anyway, looks like it was definitely at 1075k then 950k?

€ 700K. That’s just plain silly

If it was silly in 2009, not sure what word to describe it in 2013’ but they do have a BER