4th October - US and Russia run Nationwide Emergency Alert Test/Drills Same Day

Lots of knickers in a twist online about this.

Something in the air alright.

Its just an updated version of the EBS / EAS test. Nothing new. They have been doing this stuff for many decades.

Those tones are hard coded into everyone’s memory for anyone of a certain age. Back in the 1980’s they gave a lot of warning ahead of time for system tests. For obvious reasons.

Now its just a push system, They have been doing this in California for at least two decades. Like with the Reverse 911 system. And with Amber Alerts. The most recent outing was with the recent Ojai earthquake in SoCal. Not just ShakeAlert went ping. It was fun watching people on TV reacting to their cell phones live on air right before the shaking in the studio started. In the middle of rolling news coverage of the first hurricane in living memory. Not a slow news day.

Now if you want a real shit scary test, how about this the first time you hear it with no warning…

It is very very loud. Like AC/DC concert loud.

Forgot to mention this same day aspect