4th Quarter Lockdown 2021 - YELLOW ALERT



Indo is doing a poll - should restrictions be lifted?

  • 80pc in ICU not fully vaccinated – Butler


It’s actually 100%


Looks like the indoctrination of the population has been very successful, the people have been scared into accepting the restrictions, and the recent scare stories are keeping them in line



Well, I was right no ? Interesting gamble going on. Martin & Varadkar know their own credibility will be shredded if they “go back”. Which I still think they could. But this Martin interview is a warning to Nephet, the HSE and the CMO that “going back” will destroy all their credibility too. The Health Bureaucrats entire strategy for the previous 2 years will be destroyed.

Covid certificate ‘crackdown’ is on cards

Mr Martin said: “We do not want to go back, and we are not contemplating going backwards. The only issue facing us now is going forward.”

extending the vaccination ‘booster’ programme, and will also launch a new initiative to encourage the partially and unvaccinated to get the jab.

Yesterday there were indications that the hesitant were signing up for the vaccine with 3,500 new registrations over a three-day period.

Separately, the Sunday Independent has learned that the Government is to order a ramping up of spot-check inspections in pubs and restaurants to stem the rise of Covid

In an interview, Mr Martin moved to reassure the public that restrictions would not be re-imposed despite the increase in infections


This is a respiratory illness. There’s no reason to believe there won’t be a spike in early January given how out of shape our immune systems are after the Nephet/HSE/CMO strategy and our testing failures last year. So there’s every reason to think we will be “going back”.

Plan your life accordingly I suppose. Reassess all your plans for post Christmas. ‘My Dad is getting his hip done after Christmas’. No he’s not.

Also prepare your vaxxed loved ones for getting blamed. They need to be prepared for that shaming in advance. Us unvaxxed are used to it.


I was waiting for the Sunday Script to mould the energy release of Thursday. .

I see we are back at the “pause” talk.

Curious to know if anyone seen the new unused scanners positioned at shop counters or anywhere else, doing nothing as of yet?



Can ye help me with that one, for overdoing it at the Crimbo etc?

"World Health Organisation spokeswoman Margaret Harris on Sunday said some people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 are falling into a trap of thinking “they can do what they like”.


Yeah. Margaret is out in front with the Crimbo-shaming narrative. There will be some arbitrary “guideline” on number at your Christmas dinner and how long it is “advised” to spend with them. Then the vaxxed get blamed for breaking this. The problem is the more they vax the unvaxxed the less they can blame them. So they must blame the vaxxed inevitably.

Nephet guy is practically blaming toddlers


Meanwhile, virologist and Nphet member Dr Cillian De Gascun said Ireland would continue to see rising Covid-19 case numbers as restrictions ease, but this does not mean vaccines are not effective.

In a series of Twitter posts on Saturday night,he said the vaccines were “not sufficiently effective – on their own – to suppress or eliminate” Covid-19 transmission in the community. However, he said they were “very effective at protecting against hospitalisation and severe disease”.

He said that while vaccine uptake has been high among those aged 12 and older, only about 75 to 80 per cent of the population as a whole are vaccinated.

While vaccination reduces the risk of Delta infection, fully vaccinated individuals have viral loads “similar to unvaccinated and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts,” he added.


Luke spreading the Apartheid message

There’s no doubt we need to keep some restrictions, but we must get back [to normal], October 22 is our next big moment and they must reopen nightclubs for definite,” he said.
“If we don’t, we are just keeping them closed because of the unvaccinated which seems unfair.

Magic arbitrary 85% threshold from Luke - who is not an epidemiologist

Prof O’Neill said some measures will need to be in place, including mask-wearing, until 85pc of the whole population – including children – is vaccinated.

Very strange assertions from Cillian. That R number ?

Edit - he’s mixing in the R number for mumps etc to muddy the waters. What a tosser !


In a thread on Twitter, the virologist explained that in order for a virus to be brought under control, the percentage of the population vaccinated multiplied by the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines must be greater than the percentage that is needed for herd immunity.

Instead of the phrase ‘herd immunity’ however, he used the term ‘community level protection’ (CLPT). He said this percentage can be derived from the reproductive number (RO) of the virus.

We have an RO of 5-8, a CLPT of 80-88pc, a VE [vaccine efficacy] of 75pc (range 53-91pc, per SY Tartof et al, Lancet 2021), and vaccine uptake of 88pc in those more than 12 years of age,” he said.

“However, this level of vaccine uptake – when measured across the entire population – equates to somewhere between 75pc and 80pc. On that basis, and taking into account the cohort of the population that is not (yet, at least) eligible for vaccination, we can see that the current first generation of #SARSCoV2 vaccines is unlikely – in isolation at least, i.e. without additional public health measures – to be able to control #SARSCoV2 Delta in the community.

“So, to simplify the above, vaccine uptake rate multiplied by vaccine effectiveness should be greater than the CLPT for a virus to be brought under control.”



“Mr Reid also said ,of those in ICU, 65% are unvaccinated.”

A little confusion but not to worry.


It’s Getting Better - Cass Elliot

Getting better every day…


Very interesting article by John Waters on the interviews/videos of a Belgium Psychologist, primarily about ‘mass formation’ or the seeming spell so many are under right now. And the progression towards totalitarianism.


All this talk of population indoctrination reminds me of a story I heard many years ago.
A woman caller was talking on the radio about training her dog to unload while going for the toilet walks.
She had trained to dog to go whenever it heard the words “be a good boy!”, not the best choice of words in my opinion, but there you go.

Now we have half the population shitting itself whenever they hear the word COVID!


Reading much of that, all I could think was to wonder why this guy involved with Gemma O’Doherty.



Against this, the delta variant has an estimated reproduction number of between five and eight, meaning on average one case will pass the virus on to between five and eight others.

The spreading of the bullshit R0 of 5 to 8 - which cannot be a real world number - is part of the information war to justify the extension of the Apartheid system. It’s quite sinister stuff. The BBC reports Britain’s R0 on the 10 o’clock news and it’s usually 0.9 to 1.2.


Poll - should Ireland re open ?


Vote early and often.


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