4th Quarter Lockdown 2021 - YELLOW ALERT



Martin knows how fucked he is; that speech was like a parody of a parody.


He and FF completely fcuked.


I mean, is any journalist going to ask him how, within the space of a couple of sentences, he can talk about effective the injections have been and then introduce policies which mean they have been at best a total waste of time?


In fairness the script writers managed to juxtapose the words socalisation and isolation


He set up the narrative yesterday by harking back to “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (which no one has used for weeks or believe because it’s actually the opposite the vaccinated are circulating the disease) but in his tortuous politician-logic the 50% ICU rate for the 7% unvaccinated means that if no one was vaccinated we’d have 700% occupancy in ICU.


Someone should edit a video of that speech and add in the “ultimate facepalm” clip.


Loscher Calls for MASS vaccination!

Can you believe it!

Professor of Immunology at DCU, Christine Loscher, has said that a number of measures announced by the Taoiseach on Tuesday will have little impact on the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.

Speaking to Newstalk, Professor Loscher was reacting to new measures set to be imposed in hospitality and leisure settings

“I don’t think that closing hospitality a small bit earlier, and I don’t think that Covid vaccine certs in the settings that he is talking about, I don’t think either of those measures are going to have the significant impacts that we need to have in the coming weeks to really make a difference,” Professor Loscher said.

Commenting on the booster programme, the immunology expert said the roll-out needs to be more ambitious.

"I really think that we need to act on these things.

"We have solid ideas about the things we need to do, but we’re just not doing them quick enough… I would like to see a better plan for the booster programme that hits those vaccine numbers that we were hitting in the summer time.

“We have the supply, we have the infrastructure, we have mass vaccination centres.”


“ambitious” must mean non-consensual-bodily-violation of the unclean by State Forces.

Everyone forgets, they have a contract to fullfill with penalties n’stuff. Pharma are running the show globally.


had to endure PT RTE last night where Paddy Mallon was hinting at compulsory (“an emphasis on getting those people vaccinated”)…with botox head “but they won’t get vaccinated” and the sausage then going on to effectively state that we then need to increase the hospital capacity/infrastructure to deal with the increased infections…


Clip / link?


Approx 13.50 in.


Distract yourself. Prayers?

“Distract yourself from the news of Austria’s lockdown for the unvaccinated and from the quiet murmurs of some people who say they’d be happy for the same type of thing to be introduced here.”

This is what they’re reduced to.


That’s about the most RTE I’ve watched in 15 years. That’s how bad things are now. I have to go watch RTE.

What is the world coming to. :sob:

Anyhoo that was a whole load of “I don’t have any ideas Miriam”… can’t watch the whole thing to find out if it was “balanced” :whistle:

Remember folks. All the Gov offered really is advice. That’s all. Next will come the harder things.


Austria, surge in cases, probably too early to say whether the discrimination against the unvaxxed is having any impact.

What will they spin out if having removed the unvacced from the streets the cases continue to rise, will they desperately try to blame non-compliance!


Fear. It read as pure fear. Yesterday was the crack. The light is getting in. The (reality) bubble is popping. You’re going to have to have empathy and compassion for the victims of the negative equity austerity shots. otherwise you too drink the poison - so from one Buddhist aphorism to another:

The hard ahead, as hard as it will be, the before will seem like a picnic, but impossible it will not be, this, a temporal Anthem for the times, can help at least orientate oneself.


The Regimes Chief Bilderberger Back Better Member Simple Simon and Pharma Cabinet member, one of many whom enabled the 4th wave by allowing the genetic pillage of the national immune system using toxic genetic injections, wants a “National Effort” to keep up the genetic plunder and pillage under his watch.

…Coveney said it was still possible to avoid a return to lockdown, amid a worrying surge in Covid-19 cases in Ireland.

Speaking on Sunday, Mr Coveney appealed to people to follow public health advice.

“It is possible to avoid the introduction of more restrictions, but we will have to watch the numbers very closely,” he said.

“Future lockdowns are not inevitable, but they require a national effort.”

Ireland is experiencing a fourth wave of the pandemic, prompting fears about the capacity of the health system to cope.

… During an appearance on RTE’s The Week In Politics programme, the senior Fine Gael minister faced questions from opposition TDs about progress on antigen testing and the rollout of booster jabs.

More than 500,000 boosters have been administered in Ireland so far.



For some odd reason I had a quick look at boards yesterday, and spotted this:

Just had a glimpse of a VFI email shared by my local publican.

Lockdown from 13th Dec.

Here we go.


Src: https://www.boards.ie/discussion/comment/118203691/#Comment_118203691

See what happens eh, but to add anecdote to counter some of the criticism on that thread and boards, yes people or businesses have had at least a couple of weeks notice before a harder lockdown has been officially announced to the public, as they may be in a critical sector and need to know, typically few ever believe it until it happens, it’s a kind of last orders mentality no? :icon_beer:



Covid: 5,634 new cases, Taoiseach says transmission can be reduced without lockdown

Src: https://archive.md/Bsd8R

Oh thank goodness! PHEW!! There are alterantives… I guess that means the children are now totally safe from harms way, and any heart stopping injections are no longer needed, and we are not being distracted from the agenda to inject as many children with deadly synthetic serum as possible before the parents realise they are in Jonestownian cult, by the bought an paid for media.


Closures. The new lockdown? :icon_beer:

Covid: Business supports may be extended under new closures




Covid: Leaders waiting for impact of reduced socialising before new restrictions

Src: https://archive.md/FWOku