4th Quarter Lockdown 2021 - YELLOW ALERT



Yeah, look at all the peeps restricting their movements Eamon, You Fckin Cabbage.


As we’ve noted before, they won’t like to see the use of the term “lockdown”. Because the people will be “we complied and now you’re locking us down…that’s concentration camp operator behaviour”

I’m thinking Enhanced Restrictions
Emergency Restrictions
Additional Measures
Solidarity Measures

Edit: the article is already using it

if more sectoral closures are forced amid a surge in the disease


I am quite sure that the behavioural blah blah covid board pays attention to wording but at what level?
Going back we all remember our elders speaking of before the war
I have noted of late the term spoken by young and very old alike and it goes like this
before this crap started so its posible in the future the young of today will be telling their children and grandchildren about before the shit,


Back in the years BC, “Before Covid”


There’s a funny sort of Multiple Personality Disorder going on at the moment

  • Tony & Co are doom mongering & saying “cut your social contacts”
  • Governmental Radio adverts to go into Dublin City Centre and see the lights etc (presumably being driven by complaints from business that without footfall half them will go broke in 3 months)

I know Tony & Co win in any showdown between the two but it’s still interesting to observe


Not at all, advising us to cut social contact is easy as people don’t spend money when they visit friends, on the other hand, not visiting retailers does involve spending money.

Money has always played a huge part in the whole “ineffective” fight against COVID.
Which is why it’s failed so spectacularly, along with vaccines that has proven to cause health issues and far less effective than expected.


From a civil rights perspective this is a very dangerous time to be living in this banana Free State. Both Martin & Varadkar continue to blame the unvaccinated (despite the UK data showing the unvaxxed are twice the infection rates)

They’re fed up. Both in free fall in the polls. Both in a malevolent humour. The clips that @Diana and others have posted of TDs and Senators saying malevolent things are symptomatic of the support Martin & Varadkar have to do something wickedly discriminatory. This is more troubling than any “variant”.

Btw shouldn’t Africa without the ICU beds be really scared of a “variant” ?










“Government sources” kite flying for locking us in our precincts again.


The State’s public health team, Nphet, is expected to meet on Thursday and Government sources said they expect that Nphet will ask for a “tightening” of restrictions ahead of the Christmas period.
A source said areas which could be explored by the team include hospitality closing times, regulations around home visits and travel restrictions, although the Government has not been given any advance notice of Thursday’s agenda. There is also an expectation the team will appeal to the public to limit their social contacts as the booster campaign continues.


Another thread done - Time to start preparing for the January unsurprise.


Reality Pops


Twitter today has a lot of doctors’ accounts pushing vax saying they & their families are boosted.