4th Quarter Lockdown 2021



Autumn - Winter Lockdown 2021, All the Play For - Are you ready?

If something beyond your imagination does not occur States side soon, or does occur soon, either way the planned 4th Quarter Lockdown will most likely go ahead as planned since the island of Ireland has been infiltrated and taken over by WEF & Co full root access.

What signs or scenario indicate it’s coming (it is)?

What will you do to prepare?

Coronavirus 2020
2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT
Coronavirus 2020

I’ve been buying food. Bought some camping gear. Will keep getting some more firewood & candles in case power goes. Keep meaning to exercise & get fitter, Wondered about solar chargers for iPad iPhone, doubt I’d know how to set up big panels for a home grid for main computer and besides, I’m urban, would look very odd.

Wondered would I buy a hovel in the country, I’ve a small nest egg but 5 figures doesn’t get you much, then there’s living expenses.

Or a boat and head west, but don’t know the land or have many contacts over there.

Really don’t know. Lockdown is one thing, I can manage that again. I think. If they start coming for the unvaccinated though… I’ve been vocal. I must be on a list.

Course if there’s societal collapse, climate change or a micronova on the way, I’m not the right sex or age-bracket for survivability. Feeling very down with all the vaccine passport talk in so many countries. France is cheering me up a bit, but otherwise lots of black pills.


I’ve had a working assumption for months now that there will be further lockdowns through the September to April period.

So get a haircut before mid Sept, visit the elderly as much as possible at this time, get DIY products and jobs done ahead of the winter, get home furniture, items you need to see in store ahead of September. We’ll be turned into a nation of preppers yet…


Latest from the Rumour Mill Papers on Speculation St. is advising August thru to October as the next power grab is sprung under the guise of a “pandemic led lockdown”, this time harder and with threat of force, “army”

As observed earlier, all the expectations and rumours of last year that did not transpire last year, more or less all happen this year. You have to say it’s clever in a very evil way, create a “rumour fatigue” in people, while you demoralise them relentlessly.


:joy: :see_no_evil:



Nearly forgot. Reports like this in the U.K. for a week now.


It won’t be that bad, after all, some people still have a garage full of bog rolls.
Stories like this are more likely to become self-fulfilling prophesies if people buy the type and panic buy.


Eh these warnings, the early warnings were already coming this time from the sector itself. For a variety of reasons. Inflation and lack of workers being two, here is the dedicated thread from June, Food Shortages - Happening now or very very soon? 🍌

No one really gives a fiddlers about lockdown, it’s about the desired outcome from harder measures, the further attempt to demoralise entire nations and have them submit to a global tyranny and remember, you are not cared for, they do not care fo you or your family. You’re already dead in this plan.

I’m almost thinking some people believe they’re still in the first two weeks of this part of the plan.

It’s been lies of a type since inception.