5 Ardagh Crescent, Blackrock (-175K, -27%)

Went to see this last Summer when it was €525K.

It was originally €650K…
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 09020.html

And is now with a new EA at €475K

Needs a bit of work to arrange the rooms better and some updating, though you could live in it.
Super garden and location though.

One of the only houses on the market that would tempt me at the moment…

Small, converted bungalow, in need of modernisation. €330k if they find the right buyer.

“Super Garden” - buy one without the super garden and hire a landscaper with the considerable savings.

Would have to agree that a fair valuation (or buyer’s target price, if you’re interested in buying) would be a lot closer to €330k than to the €475k ask.

However, I agree with Conor:

This garden is far more generously-sized than the typical small patch that most houses have. No amount of landscaping in a typical back garden will give you this kind of space. Of course not all buyers are interested in maintaining a large garden or even in owning a large low-maintenance one; still lots of patio/decking out there. So it’s hard to say that the size of the garden would push up the value to the average person.

That leaves the location - certainly not bad at all. No law against making them a nice low offer and saving them the trouble of waiting another year or two to drop bit by bit and miss the market each time.

But are they still too high for the market? My gut feeling tells me that in spite of all that’s going on, there’s someone out there who’d be willing to part with in the region of €400k for this place.

Yeah, me! (Have to sell my own place first though :confused:)

I wouldn’t call 139 m² small, tbh! Also, when it could “use work” this did not mean the usual executors sale slum look - only that stuff needs to be addressed but could be done while living there.

By super I mean BIG. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve a couple of young kids who’d wet themselves at the thought of it.

So, a bit to drop yet, but one to keep an eye on.

How about a nice detached residence around the corner for 495K. Lack of photographs is worrying though.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/1376103

Or take your pick from any of these. Not a huge difference in the prices, but all will end up selling for a lot less than their advertised price, or not at all. The vendors are all deluded, with the owners of No. 5 obviously being somewhat more realistic.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/1318084
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1361622
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1297314

The area is nice, but there’s a noticeable din from the N11 at all times during the day, and not enough green areas for my (or the kids) liking. The Ardagh “development” strikes me as having been built for retirees and old folks. These are premium “Blackrock” prices without any of the benefits of village living. Blackrock’s parks, shops and other amenities are a considerable walk away. As are Stillorgan’s. The vendors need to realise this and get real with their prices - these are not trophy properties.

Given it’s Terry Halpenny selling - it’s probably best they don’t have photos. And that ad is just so vague as to be useless.

Those are all on the radar, but each have their issues - overpricing being the main one. None have the sheer size of house and garden as number 5. Also, the Savills house is missing a bedroom from the floor plans - there must be a basement. :wink:

We you certainly aren’t going to get Green Road or a similar size house in Cloister Park/Ave (i.e. nearer the village) for what these will ultimately sell for. So the location will always be a compromise.

Fun times.

If you want parks and green spaces you’d probably be better off going 5 minutes down the N11 to this one. Fantastic playground in Cabinteely Park, 5 mins walk to both girls and boys primary schools, 5 mins from QBC & M50, 5 mins walk to Dunnes at Cornelscourt, walkable to LUAS extension, pub, library, restuarants at Cabinteely village etc.

And, it’s detached and in a cul-de-sac!


Down to €425k

A €50k drop since yesterday… in-ter-est-ing.

Hmmm. Not mad on Cabinteely.
Very nice looking property though it features one of my pet hates - not a blade of grass in the garden.
Also the asking price is now €75k more that the OP house. :wink:

You think so? What about this for 425K? Granted it’s mid-terrace…
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1399910

It is mid terrace and it’s also only 91m² compared to 139m².

So yeah - I don’t think so!

:angry: calm down.

Apologies if that came across as un-calm. It was meant to be light-hearted. :slight_smile:

It’s all part of the Game of Homes!

Good man. Us house-hunters are a fiery lot alright! :slight_smile:

Emotional more like!

As I type there is a stranger in my house for a 4pm viewing. I hope they’re drunk and brought their chequebook…

Like to visit this property but after viewing other properties around Ardagh I feel they are very expensive as accommodation upstairs tends to be limited. After talking to Estate Agents today they still say properties are overpriced and should come down.

Went to see it on Saturday.

There’s more to be done than I thought initially. At least one wall has to come down downstairs to make the kitchen a decent size - though there is a downstairs bedroom beside the kitchen that would suit to expand it.

The “sun room” outside is really a lean-to. Single glazed and probably very leaky old glass. Needs to be removed, rebuilt or replaced by a modern extention before it could be used for much anything except our upcoming heatwave. :laughing:

Upstairs there’s no real big bedroom. The biggest has super wardrobe space (which need gutting) but only one very small window so is very dark. The other two rooms are an okay size and there’s a tiny box room too. Ultimately it’s a three bed house once the downstairs bedroom is gone. All the bedrooms need updating, as does the living room downstairs.

So although the garden (and garage) are to die for though, I’d agree with Skippie that the lack of upstairs space is the Achilles heel of these properties.

I believe they’ve had a couple of offers sub-400k.