5 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook (-175k, -24.3%)

Was 719,950

Now 599,950
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=6 … rch=1&ea=1


Back on at 695k
(check out the “home bar”)

Nice period redbrick- check!
Good location- check!
Utterly replusive decor- check!

A home bar. Very Del Boy.

Oh the humanity. It would cost a small fortune to put that veritable vacuum of good taste right.

Could be worse.

Is it in the “Family Room” - what sort of example is that? Seriously?

The Bulmers tap on the bar speaks volumes…

Whoever installed the urinal may have thought that they were being environmentally friendly. They should have piped the sink into the cistern instead. It’s the coming thing in green bathrooms.

You are Kevin McCloud and I claim my five pounds!!!

Can’t say I agree. I don’t like the lack of parking and the price 150k from where it last was and it feels cramped (no fish eyed lens tricks wtf!!!), but there are some nice/standard touches.

They should put this in the Alsop auction with a 480k reserve.

Five pounds denied.

We are going to have to disagree on the decor then I am afraid.

It looks like someone has exclusively funished/decorated their home with cheap tat from Argos.

All the main culprits are there;

Ubiquitous twigs in a vase (beyond passe).
Tiled sitting room (So practical for the local climate).
‘Real flame’ fire (about as warm as a surgical theatre).
Laminate wood flooring (to the 00’s what pebble-dashing was to the 70’s- an abomination).

Each to their own, I suppose.

I agree. That place is awful. They must have got a cheap shipment of marble off the back of a lorry.
But new furniture and a few big rugs could solve a lot of it.

In other news - I’m totally getting a urinal in my next place.

Shane MacGowan lives (or at least used to live) on this stretch of Belmont Avenue! (I’ve been in his house - don’t ask, but it’s not this one - despite the bar!)

So that might explain why I came across him in what used to be the Courtyard Restaurant (beside what used to be Madigans pub), when I used to go out more…

he lives in Sandymount now

I used to work there when I was a student. :slight_smile:

Now € 675K. Another € 100K off and it might make sense.

Now € 650k.