5 Brighton Road, Foxrock (-2150k, -50.6%)

Was 4,250,000 (Apr 2009)
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 18581.html
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y41552.asp

Now 3,950,000
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Now 3,250,000

Thats (-1m, -24%)

and still over EUR 700 sq.ft :open_mouth:


Now 2.1m


458 per sq ft, still over priced, there’s little that can command over 400 per sq ft these days

Its on over an acre, so that has to be taken into consideration when calculating price per sq/ft.

yeah, development potential :laughing:

Plenty of room for another gaf on the tennis court á la the backland development of neighbouring gardens which iirc is now not the policy of the Council.

The front picture of the house taken by the estate agents seems to indicate a secondary front entrance/door. Is this house an amalgamated semi?

Its a nice home with good sized gardens though the house itself is of little design or architectural interest.

I’d price this in the 700-800k bracket in Q1 2011.

Master bedroom walk in wardrobes and dressing room off it. Missus would love that
Looks unoccupied

Looks like it.

It’s a strange house. There’s a lot of wasted space downstairs between the halls, foyer, cloakroom and 5 toilets!

My word, imagine cleaning and heating this house

Appears to be No. 5 Brighton Road, but open to correction.

‘Goleen’, Brighton Road.


“Goleen” is formerly the home of Kyran McLaughlin, and more recently the Dutch Ambassador
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Am I the only person who comes across an old post and has absolutely no recollection writing it ? :nin